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Service & Employment

Service & Employment Litigation

As per our constitutional framework, an employee of State or its instrumentalities, has strong safeguards against unlawful constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal/ removal from employment. The rule of law ensures that employees are protected from unfair treatment and unjust dismissal by a progressive regime of statutes, rules, notifications, bye-laws and judge-made laws evolved since independence and adoption of Constitution of India. Employees terminated without a just cause must be compensated by the employers and such termination must be in accordance with principles of natural justice. Furthermore, there must be a fair enquiry before any adverse action against employee.

We initiate or defend service matter legal action in disputes between employers (include the State or its instrumentalities) and their employees in a vide array of service matter such as:-

  • Employment Contracts/ Adhoc or other employment
  • Judicial Review of Administrative Action
  • Labour Court Cases
  • Labour Law/ Industrial Disputes Act cases
  • Pay Scale disparity
  • Promotion matters
  • Unfair minor and major punishments
  • Workers Compensation
  • Unlawful suspension, removal and dismissal

We understand the economic and emotional hardships that a termination or dismissal or any unfair treatment by the State (Government Departments(State Govt. or Central Govt./ Instrumentalities of the State) can bring to an employee. We advice and represent our clients  in a wide variety of legal conflicts pertaining to service matter before the Hon'ble High Court, Lucknow Bench & Allahabad Bench, U.P. Public Services Tribunal, Lucknow and the Central Administrative Tribunal, Lucknow Bench.

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